Oregon's Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Mentor/Protégé Program

The Mentor-Protégé Program encourages approved Mentors to provide various forms of assistance to eligible Protégé Participants, while enhancing the capabilities of the Protégés, and to improve their ability to compete for federal contracts.

Mentors may benefit by receiving additional consideration when submitting bids for government contracts, developing a relationship with a trusted business partner, and being allowed to invest equity in the Protégé firm of up to 40% in certain instances.

Protégés may benefit by receiving governmental contracting experience that will aid in future bidding opportunities, guidance and establishment of processes from the Mentor, financial developmental assistance, and developing a relationship with a larger partner that may lead to future business (both government and non-government related).

Mentor/Protégé programs differ from department to department. If you are interested in being either a Mentor or Protégé, contact a PTAC counselor for information specific to the agency in which you are interested.