Oregon's Procurement Technical Assistance Center

SAM: How to detect a SCAM?

Date: 12/13/2018

  • The Federal Service Desk is using a “Service Now” ticketing platform in conjunction with notifications regarding Notarized letters; the resulting notices come from a midatl.service-now.com email extension.
  • At least one for-profit contracting assistance firm is sending emails that appear to come from a “.gov” extension.

How can they use a .gov email?This is possible by use of automated email systems which allow fake addresses to be created and then redirected to a different address.

There are still a number of tip-offs that a communication is really a marketing ploy. Phrases to watch for include:Those intended to scare, like: “potentially not in compliance” and “to avoid issues with” “One of our registration counselors will contact you” - this is a sure indication of a service for which you will be charged.

When in doubt, contact GCAP!