Oregon's Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Upcoming Changes to OregonBuys

Date: 07/25/2022

OregonBuys Transitioning. 

In August 2022, some state agencies will begin transiting on OregonBuys to issue electronic purchase orders and other supplier notifications. This Transition will be completed by 2023

What does this mean to you?

  • The way you receive purchase orders and submit invoices may differ depending on which agency you’re doing business with.
  • OregonBuys (donotreply@oregonbuys.gov) will send notification of electronic purchase orders to the email address listed on your supplier account. Be sure to keep the email on your account current and mark donotreply@oregonbuys.gov as a trusted sender so our messages don’t go into your junk folder.
  • If you receive an electronic purchase order via OregonBuys, you have the option to convert or “flip” the PO into an invoice and send it back to the agency through the system. This is known as PO Flip and using it may help you get paid faster. Click here to learn about PO Flip and visit our website for more system instructions, including how to access and acknowledge purchase orders and how to locate and respond to change orders. For invoicing options external to OregonBuys, contact the purchasing agency.

For more information and to see what agencies will be transitioning first click here.