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Blue Moon Designs, Inventor of the HeliLadder Blue Moon Designs, Inventor of the HeliLadder

GCAP client, Blue Moon Designs, inventor of the HeliLadder, has received 7 contracts for 54 HeliLadders. Blue Moon recently delivered 6 HeliLadders to the Oregon National Guard. Pictured are company owner, Dale Neubauer (center), and Oregon Guard members with a Blackhawk helicopter that the ladders will be used on. The HELILADDER™ brand maintenance stand is a new concept in helicopter maintenance work stands, providing (for the first time) a portable, stable, and safe multi-level maintenance Ladder-Stand.

--Susie Neubauer
Letter of Commendation for a Job Well Done Letter of Commendation for a Job Well Done

“…working with the US Government’s GSA System is a very time consuming, complicated, and frustrating process and many times we just wanted to throw in the towel. However; with Steve’s patience, understanding of GSA, and his unwavering support for us we finally got the job done. Through his efforts we now have a 5-year GSA contract extension and have dramatically modified our GSA schedule to better reflect our product offerings. All of this could not have been done without Steve’s help.”

--Ronald Schoenheit- Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc.
Subcontractor thanks GCAP Subcontractor thanks GCAP

"Great organization. Steve Spilker helped us out a ton. We have done two projects recently with the United States Forest Service as a subcontractor."

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--John-Paull Davidson of Boothster
Thanks GCAP for assisting JLC Avionics to receive an award Thanks GCAP for assisting JLC Avionics to receive an award

JLC Avionics, LLC reported an award of $2,626,484. This base +4 option years contract was their first federal award. The contractor said:

"We could not have done this without the assistance of the GCAP personnel, particularly Marta. Our previous attempt at applying for a contract failed dismally due to our lack of knowledge. GCAP staff were helpful, knowledgeable and very patient in helping us through the whole process from initial registration on to fine tuning our proposals. We could not have gone this far and had such a successful outcome without all the help they provided. It is amazing to me that this is a free service, and I would highly recommend that any company seriously attempting to bid on such contracts utilize your services, THANK YOU."

--Liz Tripp
"GCAP is Wonderful"
"We had tried for years to sell to the Government our Food Carts and Vending Carts but could never get anywhere until we found Steve Spilker who helped us with everything. Steve was so wonderful and now we have a contract for information booths with the air force."
--Barbara Evensizer
CCR to SAM Assistance CCR to SAM Assistance
"Thanks very much for your help on changing my CCR to SAM.You are great and know what you are doing. I was told that it is very difficult to do but you made it easy."
--Ted Foster

"Steve Spilker is my go to guy for all things GSA. Although I regretfully originally paid for consultants it was Steve who did all the consulting. Any time I have a question or concern Steve is always there to help and on top of all the GSA market trends. Knowing now that I have someone like Steve to fall to with GSA questions I would not make the mistake of paying for a consultant again."

--Kristana Fruci
Wild Land Fire Fighting Wild Land Fire Fighting

"I have used GCAP for over 5 years in aiding me in filling out my contract. With out them I would have been lost with all the new changes that come every year, they are so helpful and stay on top of the new changes. Geat job GCAP"

--Clarence Mitchell
CCR Registration Process CCR Registration Process
"Katie, at GCAP is my hero! Very patiently and professionally, she helped me wend my way through the process of on-line registration with CCR. At the end of every "help" phone call, she graciously told me to call again if I needed further assistance. I'm grateful for Katie and GCAP. Thanks for making the process successful."
--Jan Baker
Great Service! Great Service!
"I just had to write and let you know that Katie Stumph was absolutely wonderful to work with. We worked on the SAM application....she is patient, kind, so pleasant, it was refreshing! Thank you for the assistance!"
--Beth Hallett
Oregon Tender Operator Attributes Success to GCAP Oregon Tender Operator Attributes Success to GCAP
"I have used GCAP's contract assistance program for my fire business for over ten years. The staff are highly knowledgeable and professional people. I can't thank them enough for their help through the years. Thanks guys."
--John McNeeley, JWS Wildfires Tender
With Appreciation! With Appreciation!
"We met with Steven Spilker a few weeks ago! He was so thorough and helpful in guiding us through the process of government contracts! Thank you so much for the guidance! A great group to work with!"
--Beth Hallett
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